Starting Over…Again

It always seems to happen like this:

After the rush of the holiday toy making season, I am anxious to get back to the gym, get back to running. I keep it up through the winter, because it’s warmer in the gym than in my home. Spring comes, and I’m invigorated by the fresh, warm air and sunshine.

I keep running through the spring into summer, and then it all starts going downhill. The weather gets hotter, which I really don’t mind, but it means I want to go to the pool or the lake or the creek. After that I’m tired and making dinner and cleaning up, and somehow I never managed to get out for that run.


The next thing I know, it’s October, and I’ve gone months without running regularly. I’m feeling fat and sluggish. But now my work is picking up and I don’t have time (so I feel) for that run. And then it’s January and I’ve been working for months and not running at all.

But not this year.

I’m not waiting until after Christmas when I’ve gained five pounds and lost every bit of stamina I built up earlier in the year. I’m starting over now.

But I don’t have time for an hour run every day, I don’t even feel like I have time for a half an hour.

So what I’m going to do is to commit to running 3 days a week, no excuses, and run at least a mile. Anything beyond that, it’s icing on the cake. And on the days that I don’t run, I have to make sure to at least get out for a brisk walk now and then.

It’s so easy to go between my work and playing games with Caleb and taking care of him and the house, and never take care of my body.

We take our health for granted, especially as parents. A healthy body enables you to work and take care of your kids. And vigorous exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy body.

I have to remember that just because I’m exhausted at the end of the day, doesn’t mean I’ve actually used my lungs or my muscles. I’d like to think that running up and down the stairs to my basement is exercise, but it’s really not.

So please, join me. Don’t wait until New Year’s to start getting back in shape. If a half an hour workout seems to daunting, just commit to five minutes. You’ll probably feel like doing more once you get yourself moving.


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