October Giveaway

It’s the middle of November, and despite thinking of a million great posts while I’ve been endlessly sanding toys, I have yet to post this month. Yikes. And in October, I didn’t even announce a giveaway. I’ve definitely been letting things slide.

But this is my week to get back on the ball. Here, yes, but also in my home. I just finished up a huge wholesale order, and when I’m working on all of that, my house tends to sink into a state of untidiness (not chaos, not anymore anyway). So when I finished the last items, I shipped everything, and started getting my home to look more like a home and less like a shipping warehouse.

I’m having guests for Thanksgiving this year. And while it’s tempting to let work take over my brain and my house, I have to keep things in check. I won’t have a whole day to put things back in order, and what fun is that anyway?

Start cleaning and tidying now. Get new sheets on the guest beds. Straighten up the closets so they have places to hang their clothes. Wipe down a cabinet or two after you are done the dishes. A little bit each day, and the house will be sparkling by Thanksgiving, without the stress of last minute cleaning (which I also HATED as a kid).

You can approach blogging the same way. I tend to look at the blog like something that needs hours to do. But a little bit here and there, and maybe you guys will still remember I’m alive by the time Christmas is over.

And without further ado, I’d like to giveaway 2 toys this month, to 2 different people. I’m going to giveaway 2 reindeer.


How to enter? Just leave a comment on any of the posts that I write this month. The more you comment, the more times your name is entered.

I’m working on some new toys and redesigning old ones as well, so I’ll be posting them on here soon. Let us know about your holiday shopping, gift giving traditions, and links to fun craft projects.


4 thoughts on “October Giveaway

  1. yes, little by little is definitely the way to get things done. As far as holiday shopping goes, we’ve been taking things easy around here the last few years. The kids just get 3 gifts, and then we spend the other money on giving to those who are really needy at Christmas (and all year) through World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse, Compassion, etc. We let our kids pick out the gifts they want to give to other children through their catalogs-they really enjoy this. I was struck by a comment on Ann Voskamp’s blog (aholyexperience.com) that Christmas is not a celebration of our birthday after all, so why is it all about us getting presents? By giving to the least of these, we feel like we’re giving to Jesus in honor of His birthday.

  2. First time visiting your blog and just placed my first order! Looking forward to reading more and learning some tips and experiences from another mom šŸ™‚

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