Have a Little Bit of Fun, Every Day

Well, heck, if you have time, please have a LOT of fun every day. But sometimes when things get busy, we forget to have fun. We have all our oh-so-important grown-up things to do, and our kids can get lost in the shuffle.

Come November and December, I’m working practically every minute of the day it seems like. Even when I’m playing games, I’m sanding or wood burning or tracing patterns.

But in the midst of all of this, I try to remember to have some fun.



When you have snow in November, you’ve got to get out early and have a wild snowball fight before it melts.

When it’s 50 and sunny and windy, you’ve gotta get out the kite no matter how many more buses you want to get done.

Take time for silliness and connection. And stop taking yourself and everything else so seriously. Us adults, when we’re wrapped up in something, we can really lose our sense of humor. Remember your parents before leaving on a trip? Haha, or if your house was like ours when we were little, on Sunday mornings, trying to get everyone ready for church.

Or if your house is like mine, when you are trying to get the packages out before the mailman comes!

When we’re pre-occupied, all our kids’ little idiosyncrasies can drive us mad. Little things that wouldn’t ordinarily bother us get blown completely out of proportion.

So have fun.

Keep your sense of humor.

And maybe bake some cookies, but not too many.



3 thoughts on “Have a Little Bit of Fun, Every Day

  1. excellent reminder, as always, Cheryl. I was just thinking today, “Have I really played w/ [my] Caleb today?” I’m with my 3 kids all day but not that much time is spent in just playing.

  2. We just rebuilt our second fort and have started perfecting our slide down the front of our house. And all of a sudden our moods and time together is so much more relaxed. You always seem to know what needs to be said at the right time!

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