Ornaments-New items!






I’ve been selling these ornaments for a few months at craft shows, and by the dozen to my mother, who fell in love with them.

They are one continuous ribbon of wood, with no beginning and no end.

They are beautiful, but somewhat delicate, so they should be hung out of reach of babies and animals.

Let me know what you think. I’ll be adding more shapes as well, so if you have suggestions, feel free to post them.


4 thoughts on “Ornaments-New items!

  1. Hi Cheryl, Beautiful craftsmanship on the ornaments. I love the elegant form of the dove. As to ideas for other shapes, you could do a heart or a candle, or more variations on snowflakes. You could do a hanging nativity, even

    Thinking of you in the snow, working away in your shop. I loved your post on taking time to play with our kids, even when we are busy. Those are the times that a person is most thankful for. The yin-yang impact of being pressed for time, and then taking that break that you desire so deeply produces a sense of gratitude. A sense of being alive permeates the moment. Thanks for the reminder.

    Hope you two are warm and well. Our Sarah is home for Thanksgiving. So we are happy to be together, catching up. When your schedule lulls, let me know, and we’ll have you out . It’d be great to catch up.

    Your apple butter is delicious — great sweet tart flavor! Love to you and Caleb Betsy

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