Christmas Disaster 2013

There’s always something.

In 2010, my van died on a Friday night after dropping my mom off in Pittsburgh to catch the bus home. Then after spending the night in a hotel (we had just moved here, and had no friends in the area), the new belt they put on broke, so we had to stay over again (and spend a ridiculous amount of money for the repair since we went to Firestone (they were the only ones open on the weekend).

In 2011, I almost cut off the middle finger on my right hand. I cut right into the bone, and was out of commission for a couple of days. Then I spent the rest of the Christmas season, sanding with my middle finger held aloft from the sander or whatever else I was doing, so it didn’t get bumped or vibrated.

Last year, well, I ended up with some freak stomach virus that had me vomiting up my stomach bile all night, and left me wasted the next day. When of course I should have been making toys.

Well, this year, we left to get more wood (I ran out of cherry again!) from my wood guy. He’s about an hour away, and I wanted to hit up the Wheeling Lowe’s for more 1/2″ pine (our store has been sold out for months, and they aren’t restocking it, so I’ve been cleaning out every store within driving distance, because there is NOWHERE else to get the stuff!).

Well, some time in the time we were gone, a pipe burst in my basement (it was the pipe for the hose, and yes, I’m an idiot for not turning it off sooner). There was ankle deep water when I finally got down there when we got home.

I waded in to shut off the valve for the hose pipe, and then frantically started rescuing any wood that was on the floor.

Caleb came down, and said he’d get something to dry it up. After I vetoed the idea of towels, he said he’d find something. I had my doubts, but he came back with a jug, a watering can, and a little plastic cup, and started bailing water. It was better than any idea I’d come up with.



I got some larger implements, and it actually went quicker than I expected. It would have been much worse, if I didn’t have a drain and sloped basement. The drain apparently couldn’t handle all the water or it was clogged or it doesn’t really go anywhere but into the ground.

About halfway, I sent Caleb upstairs to the bathtub to warm up his feet. He thought I was being too worried, but the last thing I needed was him to get frostbite or something. I can see it now, “Local Boy Rushed to the Hospital with Frostbite because his negligent mother was too stupid to turn off the hose valve when it’s freezing out.”

So instead of working any of my 50+ orders, I was baling out my basement, and driving to Walmart to replace my dremel, which was on the ground of course, and wouldn’t turn on. After that I was exhausted and went to bed.

This morning, it’s time to get back to business. At least this year, all my limbs are still attached, though I took a wicked whip across my knuckles from the sanding band on my dremel flying off the other day. But no permanent damage.

Knock on wood.

(Oh yeah, you saw right, my basement is a disaster.)





4 thoughts on “Christmas Disaster 2013

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry, Cheryl! But a smart and helpful son you have there! Praying you’ll have no more disasters and that you’ll be able to get your orders out.

  2. You’re a great mom. Look at what Caleb is learning — how to be cool in a crisis, how to solve problems creatively and simply, how to take care of a home and family. Life and parenting get real messy, but look what you build out of the chaos. I am ever impressed by your resourcefulness.

  3. It must really reinforce the way you parent right now…..amazing creative thought process coming through so naturally. I wish we lived closer and could help!

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