Christmas Presents-Part One: Handmade Wooden Salad Utensils

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I was feeling intimidated getting back into it. Do I really have anything to say? Why would anyone care? And all that downer nonsense you can get into.

So it came down to abandoning the blog or just starting small.

I opted for a small start by telling you about the Christmas presents I made for my friends and family.

First up: handmade wooden salad utensils



I stared with a  block of cherry wood that had a pleasing grain. I traced a large plastic spoon I already had on the face of the block, and then cut it out with my scroll saw.

Then I traced the curve of the spoon (modified for size) on the edge of the spoon cut out, and I cut that part with my bandsaw.

I started carving the bowl of the spoon with my dremel, but as I didn’t have anything close to the right sort of bit, it wasn’t working very well, so I decided to cut to the chase and drill a large hole with a forstner bit.

The drilling left me with a deep middle, and then between my dremel sanding bands, and my belt sander, I roughed out the edges of the spoon bowl.

Unconventional to be sure, but effective.

I never got the bowl completely flat, but I sanded it a lot and got it smooth.

The fork I handle much the same way, but I didn’t have to worry about the bowl, so I could just cut out the tines with my saw.


The spoon and fork were a gift for my dad. I’d like to do more of them, but I doubt that I would sell them. They took me sometime over an hour, spoon obviously being the more involved of the two.

I’ll be posting more of the presents that I made in the coming week.

What did you make? How did it turn out? What ideas do you have for next year? 🙂



One thought on “Christmas Presents-Part One: Handmade Wooden Salad Utensils

  1. I absolutely LOVE these and would so buy a set if you ever decide to sell them-they’re just beautiful! I’m sure your dad was thrilled-and I love the message on them-something we all need to be reminded of. Unfortunately, the only thing I “made” this year as a gift was a Shutterfly calendar for my 93-year-old grandmother but she loved it. And if you do those things right, it really takes some time as well. The best gift I got was a hand knit scarf from my husband’s aunt. So colorful. Happy New Year and I hope you will keep blogging-I enjoy your posts.

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