Christmas Presents-Part Two-Small Bookshelf

Well, I got back to West Virginia (also known as Real Life) Wednesday night. The furnace went out, there were at least 3 breaks in the water lines, and well, that was it, but it’s enough, right?

And here I am making excuses for not blogging again.

The second present that I made this year was a small bookshelf for my brother. He rents a room right outside of DC (where he works), and it is Small. It’s also packed with books. So I wanted to give him the most shelf space for the smallest bookshelf.


Somehow, this was the only picture I took of it (see? he’s using it already!), so I called my brother and asked him for a picture. So here it is in action:


Kind of looks like he’ll need another one for his birthday, doesn’t it?

The sides and back pieces were pine, and the shelves were 1/2″ inch thick poplar. I just screwed the shelves in place, no fancy joinery, but it’s a pretty sturdy piece of furniture nonetheless.

I used 1×4’s for the backs of the shelves, because I wanted to keep the bookshelf solid wood (no plywood), but I didn’t want it to be too heavy.

The top of the piece is sunken in to give him a bonus shelf, because you always end up piling books on top of a shelf like that too, don’t you?

I offered to stain and finish it to match his color scheme, but he just laughed and said he had an unfinished dresser, so it would be fine as is.

Making your own furniture doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to follow patterns or plans. Just come up with an idea and run with it. Of course it helps if you have a full workshop in your basement, I’m sure.

Well, I’m off to Busy Beaver to buy more pipe fittings to finish fixing the pipes (I found a fourth break) so we can wash some dishes and do the laundry.

You can find some clues to other Christmas presents I made sitting right on the bookshelf (in the first picture). I’ll be back soon with more gift ideas.


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