Today is a New Year

New Year’s Day with it’s accompanying resolutions gets a lot of hype. THIS year will be different. I’m going to focus on my business and my son more, watch TV less, exercise more, etc, etc.

But after a couple of days, weeks, etc, of trying, most resolutions go by the wayside, and we give up until next year. But January first is just an arbitrary marker in time. Every single day can by New Year’s Day.

I had a terrible January-goal-wise (sales-wise it was the best ever). I was unfocused, and behind most of the month. I watched too much, didn’t exercise at all, haven’t gotten anywhere restocking my inventory. The only good thing was that I discovered a new scroll sawing technique that I’m very excited about (more about that in a future post).

But generally the month was a wash. February began with me traveling to my parents’ house for my son’s birthday (which he has been requesting all year). On the first, we had a great little birthday party with some of his friends. The next day was the Super Bowl with another small party. Then yesterday was his real birthday with friends visiting and the family dinner party.

But we can start over any time we want. It doesn’t have to be the first of the month or the year. Instead of giving up on my good intentions, I can just pick up right now.

So what if we’ve barely done Craft Day and Art Day (in our “homeschooling” week) all year to date? We’ll just jump right in. Put it on the calendar. Plan the crafts ahead of time.

So what if I haven’t been to the gym more than once in January? I can always pick it right up when I get home. I can always go for a run around the block. I have time for that much anyway.

Redo your resolutions every time you realize you’ve forgotten about them. Narrow your focus to the top one or two if need be. Better get one habit down this year, than try for 5, and get zero.


One thought on “Today is a New Year

  1. So inspiring….I’ve been struggling with trying to change he way I do certain things and after reading this I remember this every time I feel like I’ve messed up what I was trying to change.

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