Spring into Exercising

Remember all that crap I said in the fall about how I wasn’t going to get caught up with work and stop exercising until January? Well, it was crap. I didn’t do a thing for months besides work and eat too many tortilla chips (and not even the baked ones) and Christmas candy.

And I’m paying the price for that now to the tune of 10 or so extra pounds, and hard work to get back in shape. But we’re settling into our post-Christmas routine: work and play indoors in the morning, eat lunch, putter, and go to the gym in the afternoons for shooting hoops, running on the treadmill, and swimming in the pool.

And let me tell you how good it feels to start moving again. It feels almost as good as it’s going to feel come spring to not have to drip my faucet every night to keep the pipes from freezing.

We’ve also instituted a time for calisthenics in the morning. After we’ve been sitting on the floor getting stiff from an hour of game (or lego) playing, we get up and do some jumping jacks and crunches and pushups. Caleb is taking gymnastics, so even he comes up with some new exercises that he does in class.

Did you lose your workout time over the holidays/cold weather? What are you doing to get in shape? What are your tricks for motivating yourself?


One thought on “Spring into Exercising

  1. One of my favorite motivational quotes lately is, “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.” I also bought a dumpy old treadmill at the thrift store and I actually use it, so that’s been helping.

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