New Train Set

I have been wanted to sell my own train set for YEARS. I actually did sell a set at craft shows when I was first starting out, but it didn’t work very well, and it didn’t look very nice. Finally I figured out how to make the train set in a way that I was pleased with. 

No plastic pieces. The train wheels and axels are wooden.

No painting. The trains get all their colors for the variety of woods that I use.

Magnetic coupling. This way the trains can be used with all the trains you already have (or all the trains that your relatives will give you later). 

Holes for people. You know I love my peg people. Somehow everything seems like more fun when people are involved. I drilled holes in Caleb’s trains (Melissa and Doug, Whittle Trains) years ago at his request. He likes to use his trains with his town, Sun House, and all his other wee people things. 

Without further ado, here they are:




Each car is around 3 inches long. They are all finished with my homemade beeswax polish. And the full set has eight different cars.

You can purchase the entire set of cars (8) or a set of 4 cars. You can also purchase each car individually. (click the links to go to my site for purchasing-the links will open in a new window)

Caleb has claimed my practice set, so I’ll be giving away a coupon code instead. Use the coupon code TRAINS to get ten percent off an order that includes one of my new trains. This only lasts one week, so snap it up quick. These trains would look really cute in a basket Easter morning, maybe with a chocolate bunny?



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