Consistency in May

I have a bad habit of going hard for a couple of days/weeks, and then going off the rails completely, letting everying slide. In May, I’m going to work on that. I am focusing on being Consistent. 

It was all sparked by a Runner’s World article about running longer. In the article, the author mentioned that to do this program you should have been running about 30 minutes a day, five days a week, for about six weeks. 

Well, duh. Of course, I should establish a baseline fitness before I can start reaching to get faster or go longer. In other words, I have to be consistent. 

But I’d prefer to skip this stage, I’ve found. I want to go right to being able to run a half marathon or an 8 minute mile (hell, even a 9 minute mile). I want to skip straight to the clean, well-organized house. I want to dig up every square inch of my yard for a garden, when I can’t even protect the garden I already have.

There is no trick for being consistent. I can read all the Runner’s World articles, Flylady emails, and gardening books I want, and learn all there is to know on the subject, but if I don’t get out there and RUN consistently, I will never improve.

In May, I am focusing on a solid, consistent running program of 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, EVERY week. 

I’m focusing on my morning routine and getting the dishes done every night. 

I’m going to take care of the garden I have, before I think about adding to it. 

I will be consistent. 


2 thoughts on “Consistency in May

  1. Cheryl….as always…you write what I am thinking and trying to implement into my life. I seriously just spoke about this with a few people trying to get advice on how to make consistency a reality in my life for more than a few days at a time. I was coming to the conclusion that maybe it just isn’t inherently in me and it needs to be. I watch my son who’s personality is just like mine and my daughter who I already see is as consistent as she can be given my erraticness. I think being the parent and person I want to be, consistency needs to become a reality. But you writing about this has inspired me to keep at it. I know my children, and myself, will benefit greatly. i even signed up 2 weeks ago for a run thinking it would force me into a routine (I still have yet to start on my training). I’d love to hear more on this and what works for you.

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