No TV Summer


Soon we will start our second annual no-TV summer. This means no videos on the computer, no Angry Birds (except at all day craft shows), and no Gameboy games (we don’t actually have a television). Once a week, on Wednesday/Pizza Day, we will watch a BBC wildlife video as usual, but other than that, no videos.

We started this last summer, and it was a wonderful success. Last year we started on the summer solstice, and planned to end on the equinox, but as we got into September, and all my son’s friends went back to school, he quit. This year, we’re going to start the first of June, and end the beginning of September.

If we can make it through the whole summer, we’re going to take a trip to New York City to see the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty and Central Park and the Zoo and probably go to a Yankees game.

Although we didn’t do any videos the first three years of his life, somehow I slipped up and opened the floodgates, and I don’t have the heart to take them away permanently again. BUT I think having an extended period to detox from the passive effects of video watching is very helpful.

The summer is the perfect time. Other kids are off from school so there are more people to play with during the day. The weather is lovely. There is gardening and beach trips and park outings, the creek, the pool, and the lake. Really there are too many fun things to do in the summer to waste time on television.

The one day a week that we can watch offers a pressure release, so it isn’t as though we can’t watch anything for THREE MONTHS! (gasp)

Talk to your kids, think about it, and maybe you can have a no-TV summer too. I’ll be posting updates throughout the summer, along with things to do instead of TV.

Mating Frogs

Mating Frogs


Frog Eggs Coming out of a mating frog

Frog Eggs Coming out of a mating frog


2 thoughts on “No TV Summer

  1. great idea and love the frog eggs picture-never seen that before-so cool! With a newborn around, the kids have been watching too much, but now that I’m coming a bit out of the fog, I want to decrease too. Maybe 2 days a week-Wed and Sat. We do nature show on Wed. too when we remember.

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