Consistency in May–Don’t Give Up


Being consistent isn’t about being perfect. Many times I’ll try to establish a new habit, and I will miss a couple days, and just give up. For some reason I get it in my head that I’m too far behind and I might as well just quit. Too far behind what?? 

If you miss a day or two or a week, you can always pick it back up today. Don’t let it go one more day. Or even one more hour. If you didn’t do your morning routine, do it now. If you skipped your crunches for the past week, do them now. Don’t give up, 

Consistency is doing the same things over and over again. One of those things is starting over again and again and again. You will lapse when you are trying to add something new to your routine. But being consistent is not giving up after you miss a couple days. 

Don’t think about how much that run will hurt since you haven’t run in a week (or a month), think about how you’ll feel after the run. Think about how you’ll feel in a month after running five times a week. Think about how you would feel in a month if you gave up now–you’d be in worse shape, disappointed in yourself, and possibly a little fatter. 

Imagine the satisfaction you will have if you get back to your housecleaning routines: the clear surfaces, the clean floors, the drawers stocked with clean clothes all the time. Think about how annoying it is not to have your favorite clothes, because they are dirty. 

Think about the future. Will you be happier then if you quit? 


2 thoughts on “Consistency in May–Don’t Give Up

  1. I agree. I find that when I am sluggish and feeling “I can’t do that.” all I have to do is say “Yes.” and soon I can picture myself doing the thing I didn’t have the motivation to do. And then I am accomplishing and saying, “Of course I could.”

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