Halfway Through the Buy Nothing Week

This is WAY harder than I thought it was going to be. I think of a dozen things a day that I just HAVE to go out and buy. 

Mostly it’s food. Oh there’s still plenty of food in the house, but I want more. Plus we ran out of bananas, so yeah, that’s depressing. I’d have made a lousy homesteader. Practically all Laura Ingalls ate during the winter on the Prairie was game meat, corn mush, and bread. 

But it’s also plants, given the time of year. I want to buy flowers for my hanging flower baskets on the porch. Pepper plants and more tomatoes need to go in the vegetable garden. And how about some more blueberry bushes to replace the ones that died over this harsh winter? Oh and roses! My roses died too, so I need to replace them. RIGHT NOW!

And envelopes, I’m getting low on mailers. 

And I really want to go to the flea market and yard sales on Saturday to buy anything I see that I might need/want. 

So, buy nothing week is torture. But it’s rather instructive.

I cleaned out my freezer on Monday of everything that is too old to eat, and it was a lot of food. I was surprised, because I tend to pat myself on the back for not being a food waster. If I buy lettuce or kale, I eat it. I don’t leave fruits and vegetables languishing in the  produce drawers. But apparently I did get over enthusiastic on green beans last summer (though to be fair, they were free), and I haven’t used up all the bags of tomatoes I froze. And what’s the point of freezing that dish that wasn’t very good in the first place? If I didn’t like it then, freezing is unlikely to improve the flavor.

But it’s also instructive on how often I want to buy things. I live in town, so it’s so easy to go out buy thngs every single day of the week. And I might go to the store to get bananas, which are an absolute necessity, but I’ll also get five other things which aren’t. And I may stop at the hardware store for pansies and come home with $20 worth of things that I hadn’t planned on buying. 

And of course there is the internet which makes buying just about anything easy as pie. I don’t even have to convince my son to leave the house. 

This week has made me think, and I’m thinking of trying out some buying guidelines for the future-more on that at the end of the week. 

I really want to quit buy nothing week, but I’m trying to build self trust, like Tynan talks about in his latest blog post, which is a must read. So go read it.




2 thoughts on “Halfway Through the Buy Nothing Week

  1. I am also trying to cut down on the spending. And Milo and I are reading little house in the big woods right now. Also working on using the canned sauce and salsa and emptying out the freezer. Apparently I didn’t think I had enough for all year, so I didn’t use it so I would have it?!?!

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