Baby Spoons

Yesterday was a crazy day of errands intermingled with fun. First thing in the morning, I had to take care of an expired registration ticket. There wasn’t much fun there. Then Caleb helped me replace the loose step going up to our porch. The fun there was the old do-it-yourself glow of satisfaction.

Later in the morning, we drove over to Pennsylvania to pick up cream and milk to make ice cream for our Christmas in July party of Friday. On the way home, we stopped at the park and played until the pool opened and then swam for an hour or so.

After going home to work some and package up some toys, we headed out again to the Farmer’s Market and the hardware store and the local general store (aka Walmart). On the way home, we stopped at the park for a run (me) and some baseball (Caleb).

When we finally arrived home to stay, it was after 8pm, and I was checked out for the night. My son is at the point where errands bore him to tears. He hates going with me, but today, despite all we had to do, went quite smoothly. I got my stuff done, and he got to have fun. Win-win.

I didn’t however remember to share a new toy with you, however, so I’ll be posting twice today.

I made these darling little baby spoons a couple of weeks ago, and now they are available for you on etsy!


You can also have them personalized.


They are finished with organic jojoba oil and local beeswax. You have the option of leaving the spoon plain or having your child’s name burned into the handle. They are the perfect size for little baby hands, and would make a darling addition to a baby shower gift.

It would also make a nice gift for an older child to use for feeding their dolls or using with your play kitchen.

This evening I hope to post a steamroller, if I can get the kinks worked out by then. So stay tuned! And don’t forget your coupon code JULYXMAS14. There is only one more day left.



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