Ah, August…

I love August. It has to be one of my favorite months. May is nice as well, but usually pretty rainy around here. August is warm, sunny, and dry. The garden is flooding us with wonderful things to eat. We always go to the shore for a week in August. There are too many nice things to count.

July ended with my Christmas in July sale, which was my most well-attended sale in the history of my shop. You guys really let me know how you feel about my toys, and it was nice to see how my audience has grown over the years. So thank you.

Last week we did a craft show at the Regatta at Lake Arthur in Moraine State Park. It rained half the weekend, and sales barely covered the (excessive) entrance fee. But we did go camping, and my son got to go on a long boat ride (by himself, since I was selling toys-or attempting to) and do a bungy/trampoline jumping thing, so it was a mixed good and bad weekend.

I planned to share some pictures of the weekend with you my faithful reader, but something in my camera made a popping noise when I hadn’t even turned it on yet, and now it doesn’t work. So I ordered a new (used) camera, which will hopefully arrive tomorrow. So this week, I’ll be flooding you with pictures of new toys and doing a pictorial tour of my August garden.





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