Wooden Blocks

Well, it’s back to work here at Mama Made Them. I took a real vacation last week. I didn’t do a single lick of work, except replying to customers emails. I sat on the beach, went to the boardwalk, and watched way too many videos after my son went to bed. 

I figured I needed it before the holiday crunch time. I have 2 days of craft shows in September, 6 days worth of shows in October (3 weekends in a row!), and then my biggest shows of the year right after Thanksgiving. Not to mention my etsy orders go through the roof in November and December (hopefully!). 

Well, I promised you new toys before I left on vacation, and I never got around to taking pictures before I left. So without further ado, the first of my new toys:

Wooden Block Set

100_0582 100_0584 100_0585 100_0588

They have all the pieces you would normally see in a block set, plus 2 unusual and very useful pieces in this set. The large 5.5″ squares are perfect for building solid base to your castles. I came up with these while playing with my son and getting frustrated with always having to put 2 blocks together to make a square tower. They also make a great base for building on carpeted floors. 

These blocks are gorgeous. The colors are so pleasing to look at, and if you are the first person to buy a set, you’ll even get the poplar blocks that have the pretty stripes of color on them. Well, my son is getting extremely impatient, so it’s time to leave for today. 

This week I’ll have more new toys, a post about games for reading, and of course some harvest pictures from my garden. 





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