The Modern Toybox

I think everyone is agreed that the toy boxes of the past, a big box that you dump everything in, are not a good way to store toys. The Waldorf books encourage us to group toys in baskets on a shelf, which is a good idea, but baskets, being generally round, are not very space efficient.

The best idea in toy organization, in my opinion, is the cubby shelf with storage containers in most of the cubbies. That’s the system that we use, and it has worked very well for us. I built a single layer cubby shelf, with a larger space at the end for the town.

Toy Shelf

I bought cheap fabric boxes from the dollar store, which was frugal, but they haven’t held up over the years. They don’t look that nice either. They are flopping out of their cubbies, and not holding their shape.But they’ve served their purpose.

Recently I bought a large Ikea Expedit for my office area. In it I store boxes of finished toys, toy parts, like wheels, axels, smokestacks, shipping supplies and other work related paraphernalia. I really wanted strong sturdy boxes that hold up over time and look nice. So I came up with this…

The Modern Toolbox

100_0993 100_0994 100_0992


One thing I like about this box as opposed to others I have, is that it doesn’t fit too tightly. It’s easy to get in and out.

This box will last you until your grandchildren are putting away their toys in it. And the best thing about it is that it is custom made just for you. So whatever size cubbies you have, you can have boxes to fit.

The box pictured fits the Ikea Expedit shelves. It’s about 11.5 inches high, 15″ deep and 13″ wide. This is the largest size available.

The boxes are perfect for heavy toys that cheap fabric boxes can’t handle like wooden train sets, blocks, all those wooden cars and trucks, and you don’t have to worry about them cracking like plastic boxes can.

The box is sanded smooth all over, and has handles on both ends to make lifting easy. The box is unfinished so you can stain or paint it to match your decor. It’s solid pine, not particle board or plywood.

And of course, it’s great for all kinds of storage, not just toys. I use it for keeping all my wheels and axels and related stuff in one place. It’s easy to pull out the whole thing, work on the toys, and then slide it back in the shelf for easy cleanup.

What do you think of it?



One thought on “The Modern Toybox

  1. I love this method too. I am not skilled with a saw or I would endeavor to make the wooden boxes. I did buy some very nick rectangular baskets 50% off and they fit my shelves nicely. I will need to buy or build another bookcase if I continue to buy your lovely toys!

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