Project Tuesday-Lego Shelf

Being September and all, I feel the need for added structure and organization. Something about “back to school” time is ingrained in me now. Maybe it has to do with wanting to get serious after the care free days of summer.

Anyway, just because we’re unschooling here, doesn’t mean we don’t have any structure, but we do very little on a weekly basis of our own accord. Until now…

Enter Project Tuesday! Every Tuesday, we’re going to do a craft project together and post about it here on the blog.

Today’s project was making a lego shelf for Caleb’s houses which are generally just piled in a heap on top of the shelf that we keep the larger baskets/boxes of toys on. It’s been bothering me for a while, and I got the idea for this shelf about a year ago.

But you know that saying about the shoemakers children always going barefoot? Yup, that’s us. I do so few woodworking projects to benefit us, it’s embarrassing.

Anyway, for the lego shelf, we took boards that were too warped or cracked to use for making salable toys and used them for this project. We used 1×12’s and cut the shelf boards just long enough to fit the large square green plates on. For the side pieces we also used 1×12’s and cut them about 3 inches high, which was tall enough for the tallest buildings that he had (we usually build buildings to 3 blocks high, but there was a castle that was about 5 or 6 high.

After Caleb (with much supervision and help and only one heart attack by his mother), cut the boards himself on the miter saw. He was quite proud of this. If it had been a smaller board and a smaller project I would have had him cut it with a handsaw, but this would have taken too long.


After the pieces were cut, we both hammered them together (he did one side, I did the other). I would have been fine with gluing the whole thing, but hammering is fun for little boys so that’s what he chose. We did end up gluing the parts together that we couldn’t hammer, but there was much hammering before then.


It could use some sanding, and he wants to paint it navy blue (his favorite color), but it looks pretty good–much better than a messy jumble of houses that are always falling off and breaking.

And after lunch we had a story about Mr. Butter Nut aka SQUASH MAN!


Mr. Nut was then joined by Mr. Pumpkin, Mr Onion, Mr. Carrot, and Baby Tomato. Hardneck Garlic joined the party from the fridge and Apple Man came with him.


Keep your sense of humor and have fun!


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