Project Tuesday-Make a Slingshot

So yesterday was the second week of Project Tuesday-the day my son and I make a craft project together. I have rules for these projects-not set in stone rule, but serious guidelines.

First and foremost: NO JUNK. No useless, waste of time “craft” projects that you want to throw out as soon as they are finished. You know, the kind you used to do in elementary school or sunday school.

Second and corollary to the first, it must be useful or beautiful. Mostly useful. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sling shots are very useful for a kid. They can be used for target practice, “hunting”, fighting off bad guys, and all manner of defensive and offensive maneuvers. We used instructions from this blog. But it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Cut a fork out of a tree banch, not too thin a branch, or it will break. Let the kids do the sawing, because that’s the most fun part of this whole project. (sorry no pictures of this step, since I didn’t bring my camera down to my neighbor’s stick pile (they have all the trees).

Come back up the the house and cut out a rectangle piece of leather or heavy duty felt or fabric, and poke/cut/finagle a hole in each end.

don't worry, he washed his breakfast dishes later :)

don’t worry, he washed his breakfast dishes later ๐Ÿ™‚

Then attach 2 rubber bands together, and then attach each set to the leather piece. I found it works well to use broccoli rubber bands (the really thick kind) for attaching the pouch part to the wood. And we used 2 thin hair elastics type rubbers to attach to the leather, because that was all I had handy.


Caleb felt the need for a target, so we got a large cardboard box, and he painted a target on it.


Ready, Aim, Fire!



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