Bait Your Slugs

I love strawberries. In my coming garden expansion I have several of the new (as yet unformed) beds earmarked for strawberries. Strawberries are basically the perfect fruit, particularly for the gardner. You don’t have to wait 5-10 years for them to bear fruit or even 3 or 4 to have a significant crop like a raspberry.

Strawberries are the fruit for instant gratification. They are perfect fresh in any way imaginable. They freeze wonderfully. You can make them into the best jam of any fruit. They’re delicious in smoothies.

I have a 6′ x 6′ bed filled mostly with strawberry plants. There are some pepper plants on one side, but the strawberries are slowly taking over the bed. Another great benefit of strawberries- they reproduce themselves!

But every year, the slugs get more fruit than I do!

But not anymore.

I have heard of baiting slugs with beer before, but I couldn’t see wasting alcohol on slugs, and I doubted it’s effectiveness.

But not anymore.

I had some Corona leftover from last Thanksgiving. I bought too much, didn’t have room for it in the fridge, don’t drink much myself, especially in the winter, and it got skunked. So it’s been sitting around for months and months, because I’m too lazy to dump it down the drain.

I remembered that a few days ago, and decided to put it to work in my garden.

You fill a shallow dish with beer, and bury ground level in your garden. Well, you should bury first, and then fill it with beer. Then wait until morning….



If I had chickens or ducks, they’d be having dessert. Alcohol soaked slugs! Yum.

I’ve done this for four days in a row and had a nice crop of slugs every day, though never as many as the first day. And for my pains, delicious strawberries with no slug holes!


After some internal debate, I decided to consume them all in an orgy of self gratification.



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