New Life

For a variety of reasons, I have let the blog slide. It’s hard for me to write when I feel pressed for time or when I feel apprehensive about the future for a specific reason or if I feel like I am not at my best presently. Writing for me comes from a place of peace and safety. When I feel threatened for whatever reason, the words will not come.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, and needed a drink. When I turned on the faucet the flow of water didn’t last long, and I realized the water pipe coming into the house under the porch must have frozen again. Rather than have it freeze harder all night, I dragged myself down there and set the hairdryer next to it (it’s on the ground) and went upstairs to wait for it to thaw.

After it thawed, I couldn’t get back to sleep. The worries and cares of the daylight hours had caught up with me. But sometime between 3am and dawn, as I read my book and thought in turns, I came to some decisions and I determined that I would be okay.

I realized that what was truly important was not where we lived, how much money we had (or not), but the way I responded.

The important things were the relationship with my son, my inner growth, our health, and our outlook on life.

Choosing to live in a van for 6 months, living on less than $500 a month, taught me that we can live anywhere. There is great freedom knowing that whatever happens, that you WILL be okay. If you need to live on beans and bananas and cut off the internet, you can do it. If you need to forgo a furnace one winter, you’ll survive. You can live without a car, and live in a car. All of these things, I’ve done. Sure, I like having a car, I LOVE having a furnace, I love having a house. But life isn’t made up of these luxuries. Life is about living.

Being depressed about your lot in life will ruin the Living. Your relationships will go by the wayside while you worry and try to distract yourself. Your health will go hell if you try to distract yourself with crunchy, salty, sugary snacks. And your inner growth can only be furthered by acceptance and growing, not fear and distraction.

So as I dust myself off, I dust off my blog. I hope you’ll continue to read about my quest for good habits and fun as I make toys, raise my son, and un-school the both of us.

Mondays-I’ll be writing about my struggle to establish useful habits referring to Tynan’s excellent book Superhuman By Habit (free with kindle unlimited).

Wednesdays-I’ll write about our Project Tuesday- the day I facilitate my son’s efforts to make something fun and/or useful.

Friday or Saturday-I’ll put up a unschooling/homeschooling post about the ways that we’ve learned things in the past week.

And of course when I make new toys or have a sale or have other business news to relate, I’ll post it here.


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