New Toys! Forklift, Front End Loader, and Covered Wagon

I’ve got new toys for you today.

Do your kids like the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder? My son likes Farmer Boy the best. We’ve read it seven or eight or nine times. Way too many. But that was always my favorite too. I liked to read about all the good food they ate.

The covered wagon adventures always captured my imagination too. Imagine what it was like to travel over the prairie with all your worldly possessions, camping at night with nothing but the wolves to keep you company. Think of all the stars they could see!

My covered wagon (click on the link to purchase) will enable your kids’ wee people to travel all over the house.




The horse can slip out of his harness for Pa to ride her out on his hunting trips.

Caleb got kinetic sand for Christmas. It’s a nice alternative to real sand in the house. You can shape it without it being wet, and it doesn’t get everywhere like real sand, because it sticks together.

It’s also the perfect place for his Mama Made Them wooden toy construction vehicles. The latest edition to the crew is the Front End Loader (click the link to purchase).




Last, but certainly not least, is the Forklift.


This toy is just too fun. My son was so excited when I showed him the finished product, he promptly put it to work with the blocks. Given how often we go to Lowes and Home Depot and other lumber yards (A LOT), he’s had firsthand experience watching forklifts from a young age.


I hope you like them! I’ll have more new toys coming up soon. I’ve been feeling rather inspired lately.

Coming up: a cannon, a tank, a butterfly teether, and a cement mixer (I’m super excited about that one.)


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