Summer, Sailboats, and Craft Shows



Finally the long, lazy days of summer are here! So far this summer, there hasn’t been much time for laziness.

First we were at the WYEP Music Festival in Schenley Plaza, which is always a fun show. This year it rained, but we still showed up, and customers still shopped, and fans still cheered for the bands.

The following weekend, we staked out the 6th Street Bridge for the weekend to sell our toys at the Regatta. There were three sold out Pirates games. The stadium is right over the bridge, , so let me tell you, I was a busy sword maker that weekend!


This past weekend, we were in Southside Works, right across the Hot Metal Bridge (awesome name isn’t it?), for Southside Works Exposed.


There has been so much rain here in the Pittsburgh area, that all the water activities (boat races, jetski shows, etc.) were cancelled during the Regatta. The current was 4 times stronger than normal, and there was all kinds of floating debris in the water.

But I debuted my new Sailboat, and it did just fine at the show.


I’ve been wanting to make a sailboat for a while, but every prototype I made wasn’t good enough. You see, I wanted to sell a sailboat that really sailed. And I also didn’t want to be sewing sails all the time, because sewing is not my forte.

I found plans for this sailboat, and with a few modifications, it was perfect. The keel is weighted, which makes it very stable in the water. The sail is wooden, which means no sewing for me, and no nasty stained up cloth for you next summer.



You can purchase the sailboat here: We’ll be taking ours to the lake today, so I’ll have more pictures tomorrow.

Coming up next week, I’m going to be doing my annual Christmas in July Sale. It starts the 20th, Monday, and ends the 25th of July. 25% off of everything in my shop. Don’t miss it.


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